You Need Millions of Dollars to Purchase this Car


Not a Cheap Car

How much are you willing to pay for your next car? Let’s say it is a 2019 Bugatti Atlantic that has 1500 horsepower and can travel at a maximum speed of 261 mph? It is, of course, a limited series, which means it might be one of 10 cars produced. Naturally, due to its price, it has exclusive options – along with an exclusive price tag.

Most Expensive New Car Ever
The Bugatti is considered as one of the most exciting new cars ever. It also brings about the revival of the Bugatti Atlantic during the 110th anniversary of the company. A marque from Molsheim dropped hints about the Type 57 – allowing only three seconds to see a glimpse of the car’s front end design – three seconds. However, it is believed that this was probably enough that the car was already sold out.

Owner Ferdinand Piech
The former Volkswagen boss, Ferdinand Piech, paid a high price to have the one-off supercar built for him. If you are wondering about the price tag, you are looking at $18 million. It is difficult to imagine that anyone would pay one million for a car, let alone $18 million. Let’s just hope that Mr. Piech has fantastic car insurance before he hits the road.