British Airways Prepares for Strike Before Christmas


British Airways Faces Strike From Thousands of Cabin Crew Members 

Twenty five hundred British Airways cabin crew, represented  by the United union, said that a strike could happen as early as today. If a strike takes place it will disrupt about 50 percent of the short and long-haul routes. Most of the cabin crew members represented by Unite work out of the world’s busiest travel hub, London’s Heathrow.

British Airways Strike Would Not Affect Many Flights


Fewer than one in five cabin crew members, for British Airways, are members of this particular union. The union argues that its members are not paid a decent salary and about one-half of the cabin crew have second jobs in order to help them pay their bills. The union members have been offered a pay raise of two percent but it was rejected.

The union reports, “A massive 84 percent of workers said they had experienced stress and depression since joining British Airways due to their financial circumstances.” The airline has said it hopes to resolve the conflict and avoid any further disruption. The statement said, “We have proposed a fair and reasonable pay increase.”

The check-in staff and baggage handlers had planned to walk out on December 23 and Christmas Eve but that threat has been suspended. Their union said the strike had been called off after a “breakthrough on the pay and conditions of baggage handlers, check-in staff and ground crew.” The cabin crew members still have not resolved their conflict and plan to strike on Christmas Day and Boxing Day. British Airlines say all flights will operate as normal.