Boy Grows Hair Out to Give to Children with Cancer: He is Diagnosed With Stage 4


Boy Grows Hair Out to Give to Children with Cancer

Boy grows hair out to give to children with cancer, six months later he is diagnosed with Stage 4 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Torrin Breneman, 12, spent three years growing his hair after learning about the deadly sickness in fourth-grade. He faced bullying and being called a girl by strangers. After his hair was quite long he donated it to Wigs for Kids – a charity that provides no-cost wigs to children going through cancer therapy or other medical problems.

Six Months Later Torrin Receives Word

Just six months after Torrin donated his hair doctors discovered the boy had developed stage 4 Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Ironically, the boy has a tumor growing next to his heart. Doctors say they cannot operate. He also has a tumor on each lung, his liver, his kidney, his stomach and it’s in his blood and bones, according to his dad, Jason Breneman of Hazel Park, Michigan.

The Boy is on Many IV Drips

Jason said, “He’s on so many IV drips and so many medications. He can’t even lay down straight because of the tumor in his stomach.” Jason and his wife, Carrie Breneman, left their full-time jobs, following the diagnosis, and have spent much of their waking hours at the hospital to be with their son. Speaking through tears, his father said, “He’s going to need longterm care. I can measure my sleep in seconds, not minutes. Carrie is absolutely amazing and she has been able to stay strong. I can’t handle it, I’ve been torn up.”

Home Burglarized, Gifts Stolen

After Torrin was diagnosed their community took gifts to the boy and his 7-year-old sister, Julissa. Burglars stole them from the home while the family was at the hospital. Fortunately, after a story aired on local television, the gifts were returned the next day. More bad news came for Torrin. Arrangements were made by a local charity to help him go to a WWE event in Detroit. They got the tickets and the doctors said he could go. A day before the event their decision reversed and the boy was not able to go. He is a huge wrestling fan and the decision crushed him. His father said, “Not only is his health down, but now his spirits are down too, and he’s depressed.”

The family has a GoFundMe page that has raised some money for the family. The Detroit community has also been working together for the Breneman’s. Jason said, “Everyone from the community is raising money they don’t have, everyone is coming together.”