Blind Boy Sees the World for the First Time


Blind Boy, Christian Cadenas Sees for the First Time

Blind Boy, Christian Cadenas, 4, born with a neurological disorder, has been legally blind throughout his life. His mother, Sylvia, said, “He doesn’t know that he’s missing out on some vision. He just sees life as it is.” The boy used a cane to move about. According to his mother he has overcome all of the challenges life has thrown at him. However, yesterday the student at Sabine Elementary School, in Liberty City, Texas ‘saw’ a change in his world.

Blind Boy Sees with New Glasses


Young Christian, with the help of the East Texas community, was able to receive a special set of glasses which allow him to see. The boy embraced family and friends as he was able to see the intricacies of the world, particularly the beauty, and his family, which has always been around him. It was a heartwarming moment his mom will not forget as Christian saw her for the first time.

Jeff Fenton, from eSight, said, “The detail of the room, the detail on his mom’s face. These are things we take for granted.” However, Christian saw his mother, and the detail on her face, for the first time ever. His world has definitely been opened to him.