Osama bin Laden’s Son Calls for ‘Destruction of Britain’


Osama bin Laden’s Son, Hamza Calls for Destruction of Britain


Osama bin Laden’s son, Hamza bin Laden,  has been placed on a terrorism blacklist after he pledged allegiance to al Qaeda. The young man has vowed to take revenge for his father’s killing. He urged terrorists to carry out waves of devastating attacks on Western cities around the world. Hamza wrote a poem asking for extremists to “accelerate the destruction of America, Britain, France and Denmark.” Last year Hamza recorded an audio message asking his followers to attack Washington and London.

Osama bin Laden’s Son Says, “We Will Continue…”

The young man said, “We will continue striking you and targeting you in your country and abroad in response to your oppression of the people of Palestine, Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia and the rest of the Muslim lands that did not survive your oppression.”

Hamza, 25, is believed to want to carry on in his father’s footsteps. The terror group, al Qaeda, was founded by 9/11 by his father. The group is still very active in parts of the Middle East where it was thought the group was wiped out. One source said the group is just waiting before unleashing a deadly attack on Europe. The insider warned: “al Qaeda has been quietly rebuilding itself. They watched ISIS become the big kid on the block. Al Qaeda is biding its time.”

Defense Secretary Sir Michael Fallon said the jihad group poses a “very direct threat” to the UK and Europe. Al Qaeda is still alive and kicking in Afghanistan, in Syria, in it has not been finally defeated and we are very conscious of that…It is a very direct threat to the UK. Not just the defense ministry but the security agencies are very much aware of that.”