Is Big Foot Still Roaming Throughout the Country?


Whoa! It’s Big Foot

Back in 1958, we had our first connection with the “creature” who was later named “Big Foot.” Some thought the massive animal was related to the Abominable Snowman from the Himalayas. Big Foot is supposedly a creature in northern California. It was reported that some loggers discovered some strange, large footprints years ago.

Reporter Writes A Story

Journalist Andrew Genzoli wrote an article about the discovery which fascinated his readers. The fascination grew to the point that follow up stories were written. Meanwhile, the loggers gave the creature the name “Big Foot.” From here, the story grew while additional “details” were added to the story as it was passed along. Then the TV show, “Truth or Consequences,” offered a reward of $1,000 to anyone who could prove that the creature truly existed.

Questions Start Cropping Up

Curious believers became more so as the tracks of a 16-inch foot were discovered. People wondered if the tracks were made by humans. Others wondered if it was a hoax. Still, others thought it might be a wild-man wandering through the terrain. Many initially questioned if it was some legendary sized animal. Big Foot soon became so popular he was written up in different magazines and paperback novels. He was described as a primal, dangerous creature out of the past who was lurking in the modern-day wilderness. 

Big Foots Persona Changes

In the 1970s, several documentaries were made describing the creature as a sexual predator. The ’80s brought about his softer side. He became a symbol of the wilderness, and he became associated with environmentalism. 

FBI Investigates

In 1976 the FBI created a file on Big Foot. They eventually received about 15 hairs attached to a piece of skin. These were reported to have been from the beast. However, the agency discovered that the hair was of deer family origin. Around the year 2006, the FBI declassified the creature’s file.

The Biggest Hoax

The original evidence that created the Big Foot craze, a trail of oversized footprints discovered in northern California, was later revealed to be a prank. The “footprints” were created by loggers working in the area. Even so, today, there are still Big Foot buffs who are convinced that scientific evidence will one day prove that the ape-like creature exists. 

New Name For Big Foot

As the years have passed, Big Foot was nicknamed Sasquatch. Today spottings of the beast appear throughout the country. The native myths and legends continue to be told with a little more flavor added to each one. In 2007 a survey was conducted, and it was discovered that only 16 percent of Americans “absolutely” or “probably” believe he exists. On the other side, 44 percent reported “probably not” that he did not live. A total of 40 percent said he “absolutely did not exist.” 

Just be careful if you are roaming around northern California, and you spot a huge ape-like beast, it might be Big Foot, or, it might be you have had too much to drink.