Berlin’s Christmas Market Turned Nightmare


Berlin’s Christmas Market Attacked by Truck

Berlin’s Christmas Market, a festive location offering a variety of shops and gifts for Christmas, turned deadly yesterday when a large truck drove into the crowd killing and injuring dozens of innocent people. The incident is being investigated as a terror attack. One man was detained by police but he was just released a short time ago.

Tourist Emma Rushton was enjoying the quintessential German Christmas market scene, along with friends. The small group was admiring the trees strung with lights, the
smell of German mulled wine and the many people scurrying around the area. About 8:00pm their jolly mood changed to shock as they observed the deadly nightmare. Twelve people were killed and 48 were injured after a tractor-trailer plowed through the market at Breitscheidplatz, located in the western part of Berlin.

The Truck Plowed Through the Crowd Going About 40 MPH


It seemed, at first, as though the truck had taken a wrong turn as it plowed through the crowded pedestrian area. It is estimated the truck was moving at around 40 mph. The first thoughts were that the truck jumped the curb. It seemed like an accident. After the police arrived they pushed the bystanders away saying, “get to safety, get away from here, you don’t need to see this.” One bystander said, “There were people bleeding, there were people lying in the pavement. We saw at least 10 people injured and lying on the ground.” Police continued their investigation as a likely terrorist attack.

The latest update, after the one suspect was released, is that a murderer is still at loose and roaming the streets of Berlin. ISIS has also reported that they supported the truck attack.