Barbecue in a Garden Discovers Nanny’s Body on Fire


Barbecue in a Garden is Human Body Burning

Barbecue in a garden aroused the curiosity of an 8-year-old-boy. Walking home from school, with his mother, they saw a huge blaze putting out a “bad odor” in the air. Actually the barbecue was not preparing a tasty steak or hotdog; instead, the fire was burning the body of a French nanny, Sophie Lionnet, 21. After all was said and done her body was burned beyond recognition.

Police Find Body in South London Home

A neighbor explained how her son looked over the fence. He observed a man sweeping up ‘sticks’ and putting them on the fire. Eventually police were called to the scene. They discovered the charred body in the rear garden. They have charged a man and woman with the murder of Lionnet. Ouissem Medouni, 40 and Sabrina Koulder, 34 were arrested. Both were charged with the murder of an unidentified person. The body was too badly burned to establish the gender and age. The barbecue in a garden really destroyed the young woman.

The deceased was described as a “very polite, pleasant girl.” It was reported that she looked about 13-years old although she was in her early 20’s. Lionnet was from Troyes, in north-eastern France. She moved to Britain to work as an ‘au pair’ more than a year ago.