Bannon Tells Trump to Keep a Sh*t List of Republicans


Bannon Tells Trump to Keep a Running Tally

Bannon tells Trump to keep a ‘sh*t list’ of Republicans who stand in the way in case TrumpCare fails. According to The Daily Beast the president is angry that his first big legislative push is failing before his eyes. He is being encouraged by his chief strategist, Stephen K. Bannon to take names and keep a list of Republicans who worked to defeat the healthcare proposal.

 Bannon Wouldn’t Want to be on the List


According to The Daily Beast two senior Trump administration offices, with direct knowledge of the process, said that Bannon and Trump have taken a “you’re either with us or against us” approach at this point. Apparently Bannon wants the tally of “against” verses “with us” mounted in his so-called West Wing “war room.” Bannon said he wants a running tally of the Republicans who want to sink this. Bannon said, “Not sure if I’d call is a ‘enemies list,’ per se, but I wouldn’t want to be on it.”

According to Trump administration officials Bannon dislikes the current bill. One source said, “he thinks it’s a piece of sh*t…and he told me as much. But, I mean, he’s not going against the president.”

If the bill fails then a large share of the blame will be put on Speaker Paul Ryan and the House of GOP leadership – a Republican leadership that just two short years ago Bannon was calling out as “all cun*s.”