Autistic Boy Suffers Seizures, 911 Called, But Police Arrive and Handcuff Him


Mother of Autistic Son

Lourdes Ponce, from Fresno, California, is trying to get through the trauma she suffered with her son late last week. The family was eating at a fast-food restaurant when her 16-year-old son, David, began having seizures while in the bathroom. He has suffered from epilepsy since he was five. On top of this, he also has autism.

Family Calls 911

Family members dialed 911 to request medical help. The call was placed after they tried to get to David, who was in the bathroom. However, the bathroom door was locked. Instead of an ambulance arriving, there were eight police officers. David’s sister said the police didn’t help him and instead hit him. However, there is not any video showing he was hit. 

The Boy Is Handcuffed

One video shows an officer holding David from behind. They placed David in handcuffs – for an autistic person, this can cause great anxiety, fear, and confusion as well as discomfort. Most likely, he did not understand the situation, which made the problem worse. Another video shows officers trying to put the boy into the back of a patrol car. It also reveals the sounds of a woman yelling, “He’s sick, take him to the hospital.” It was reported that the police believed the boy was on drugs.

Boy Is In Distress

In a video posted on Facebook, David is seen kneeling beside the police car. He is handcuffed. His sister is standing by him, trying to calm him while he begs to have the handcuffs removed. He repeatedly says that they are hurting him. His sister said, “He is only 16 years old; the only mistake he made was having a seizure.” His mother reported that it was only after she showed the police paperwork proving her son’s history of epilepsy that the EMS was contacted to take David to the hospital. His sister said his recovery from the unpleasant situation has been difficult for the boy, and “he’s not doing well.”

Police Department To Investigate The Situation

A spokesperson for the Fresno Police Department made a statement to CNN affiliate KFSN and said, “This case is currently under Administrative Review. The review will include the examination of all the information pertaining to the officer’s contact, including Body Worn Cameras.” CNN is trying to obtain additional details from the police department.


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