Apartment Building has Train Running Through It


Apartment in Chongqing, China Offers ‘Inside’ Transportation

Apartment building in Chongqing, China offers transportation ‘inside.’ If you need light rail passenger train service, you can live in an apartment in this 19-story residential building. You just need to go to the sixth, seventh, or eighth floor to get on board as there is also a transit stop known as the Chongqing Metro Station (Liziba).

Creative Planners Try to Solve Transportation Issues


Chongqing is a massive city of 49 million residents in southeast China.Transportation and residential projects need a great deal of consideration prior to any new building going on. After lengthy discussions regarding the transportation situation planners came up with this new idea for the “Mountain City.”

This particular light rail has a ‘small turning radius’ and a ‘great climbing ability.’ This allows it to maneuver through the huge cities small streets. Planners wanted to fuse the rail system with the surrounding environment. During the planning of the project the developers coordinated with urban planners on a design that would allow for the train to pass right through the building. Planners also gave consideration to the ‘noise factor.’ They realized that no one would want to live in a complex where a train would cause so much disruption. There is no issue with the Chongqing Rail Transit No. 2. It is considered one of the quietest rail lines.

In case you wonder how quiet is quiet, the light rail makes about the same amount of noise as a dishwasher.



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