Anita Board, 8-Years-Old, Killed in Drag Racing Crash

Anita Board Killed in Drag Racing Crash

Anita Board, from Perth, Australia, turned eight-years-old four days before attempting to qualify for a Junior Competition License. This would have allowed her to participate in the sport and that was her dream. Instead of opening the door to her drag racing career the race led to her death.

She Wore a Helmet Which was a Birthday Gift

Anita was so excited when she opened one of her birthday presents. It didn’t take her long to know that it was a racing helmet – her very own. She was wearing this “birthday racing helmet” when she crashed into a concrete barrier. She was removed from her 210CC dragster, stamped with the name “Pony Power” and illustrated with hot pink and purple flames. She was resuscitated and rushed to the hospital in critical condition. She passed away yesterday with her family at her bedside.

Ian Board, her father, wrote on Facebook, with a picture of Anita taken only minutes before her solo run. “Our angel setting (out) on what was meant to be a day to remember for all the right reasons. My heart (is) in a million pieces.”

Anita’s father also wrote, “Not much to say but hug your little ones tight. Remind them that you love them.”