Amazon Grocery Store Opens in Seattle


Amazon is Taking on Grocery Stores


Amazon Grocery Store opened in Seattle. Is Amazon Grocery Store looking to become a competitor in the industry? You won’t be able to enter this new Amazon grocery store, in Seattle, until the early part of 2017. You might wonder what is different about this store in comparison to other grocers. There is one major difference: no checkout lines. First you will need to have an Amazon Go app which will let you enter the store. When you are finished shopping you simply walk out.

Amazon says that most of the staff has been eliminated in order to operate the store. This, they say, keeps costs lower than competitors. This might cause a major concern for the 3.4 million Americans who work as cashiers at other grocery stores.

Amazon Go is claiming to be using the most advanced shopping technology so you never need to wait in line; instead, you just walk out of the store once you’ve completed your shopping. Once you enter the store you take the products you want. The technology automatically detects what products you take from the shelf; or, it records anything you return to the shelf so that you are not charged. After you leave the store your Amazon account will be charged and you will receive a receipt.

Amazon Grocery Store Will Offer a Varied Selection

Amazon is offering ready-to-eat breakfast, lunch, and dinners along with snack options. Everything is made fresh daily by on-site chefs. Local kitchens and bakeries will also contribute to the meals. Groceries include the essentials such as bread and milk to artisan cheeses and locally made chocolates. Amazon says they will offer well-known brands.

The Seattle store is about 1800 square feet of retail space. Amazon says it is conveniently compact so shoppers can complete their shopping quickly. They say that all you need is an Amazon account, a supported smartphone, and the free Amazon Go app.


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