Other Groups, Aside From the Jewish People, Hitler and the Nazis Attacked


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Aside from the Jewish people, Romani Gypsies, and homosexuals, there was a mixture of other people the Nazis attempted to destroy. These groups will be discussed in this article.

Identical Twins
Josef Mengele, the Auschwitz Nazi doctor, was fascinated by identical twins. This resulted in his torturing them by using abhorrent experiments. He did so under the disguise of advancing research in genetics. Some of his “experiments” included unnecessary amputations, injecting chemicals into a twins’ eyes to try to change the eye color. One of his assistants recalled Mengele personally killing 14 twins in one night by injecting chloroform into their hearts.

Eva Mozes Kor, a twin who survived.

Eva And Miriam Arrive At Auschwitz
One set of twins, Eva and Miriam Kor, had their heads shaved and their arms tattooed shortly after arriving at Auschwitz in 1944. They were taken to the lab six days a week. They were undressed, and large amounts of blood were taken from each twin while their bodies were rigorously examined. Eva said, “They treated me like I was nothing like I was a piece of meat.” Eva was injected with bacteria through five large needles in her right arm. As a result, she became very ill. Mengele said she had two weeks to live. Eva knew if she died that Miriam would be murdered. However, they were among just 200 sets of twins who survived out of the 1,500 pairs used for experiments.

Another Group Included Priests
The Catholic Church was particularly suppressed in Poland, where about 3,000 priests were murdered between 1939 and 1945, mostly in concentration camps. Many of the priests were subjected to savage beatings at the camp. Even so, they continued to offer guidance and comfort to prisoners of all faiths.

The Jehovah Witnesses
Another group who suffered at the hands of the Nazis included the Jehovah’s Witnesses. They refused to perform military service, join Nazi organizations, or give their allegiance to the Hitler regime. Half of the Witnesses living in Germany during that time, 10,000, were imprisoned. Of this group, 2,000 were sent to concentration camps. Approximately 1,200 died in custody, which included 250 who were murdered. As a Christian group, they were banned by the Nazi government. They were the most extensively and intensively persecuted. Historians have mixed emotions over whether the Nazis intended to exterminate the Witnesses. Several authors, however, have claimed the groups’ outspoken condemnation of the Nazis contributed to their level of suffering.

Other Groups
There were other groups that Hitler and the Nazis attacked. Although these groups were destroyed in smaller numbers, they still need to be included. Another of the groups was the courageous resisters. These included Poland’s underground army, which was made up of children, teenagers, men, and women. They resisted defending the lives of thousands of Jewish and non-Jewish citizens. Many were killed for their acts of courage against the Nazis.

The Nazis Disliked The Black Soldiers
Another group included children born of African-German descent. Hitler considered them an “insult” to the German nation. Hitler wrote, “The mulatto children came about through rape, or the white mother was a whore.” As more black people were seen in Germany, the countries people despised the dark-skinned invasion. Some of these black soldiers married white German women who gave birth to their children. They were referred to as the “Black Disgrace” or “Rhineland Bastards.” In Germany, many husbands and wives of Jews were forced to choose between divorce or concentration camps. Hitler forbid “interracial” marriages. If a couple decided to stay married, they were punished by imprisonment in camps where many of them died.

Why did these murders and other atrocities happen? It was because Hitler had a vision of a Master Race of Aryans. This would be the group to control Europe. Through his powerful propaganda, he convinced the Germans as well as countless others, that they needed to eliminate the people who stood in their way. This included who he considered being the degenerates and racially inferior. Once the operation was completed, the Germans, Hitler said, would prosper.
Hitler and his regime murdered hundreds of thousands of people. Words cannot express the horrendous acts he and his men committed.