Aaron Hernandez Lawyer Wants Full Investigation


Aaron Hernandez, Suicide or Murder

Aaron Hernandez was found dead in his jail cell. His 6″1′, lb. body was found hanging. A sheet had been tied around his neck which had been tied to the window of his cell. A Bible was close by and investigators say they have found three suicide notes. Jose Baez, Hernandez’ lawyer, said the suicide could actually be murder. The attorney believes this could be a murder either by inmates or the folks who run the prison. Baez said he will focus his investigation to whether the football star is dead from an alleged suicide, or if it was a murder.

Death Comes at an Odd Time


The ‘suicide’ comes at an odd time. This is because there was optimism following the outcome of his not-guilty verdict for double murders and hope he could still appeal and get off for the original homicide charge he was currently serving a life sentence for. There had also been a moral boost of being able to see his daughter for the first time while in prison and his lawyer, agent, family and others aren’t buying the suicide label.

Investigators say Hernandez took his own life Wednesday morning. He was found hanging in his prison cell at 3:03 am. Chief medical examiner Dr. Henry N. Nields concluded that the cause of death was asphyxia by hanging. It was also reported that cardboard had been jammed into the door tracks of his cell to impede the entry of officials. The former football start was alone at the time of his death and there was no signs that anyone had struggled to enter his single-inmate cell.

His body has been released to his family so they can make burial plans. The medical examiner retained custody of his brain with plans to donate it to the Boston University CTE Center. CTE is a type of brain injury found in athletes and others who have experienced repetitive brain trauma.