A Vacation in Las Vegas


A Vacation to Sin City

If you are planning a vacation to Las Vegas, otherwise known as Sin City, you will first need to arrange for transportation – unless you are driving. Next, you need to book your hotel. Now, this is a bit tricky. Why? Because you need to read the cost carefully. You see, the big resorts, and some of the other establishments, charge a fee for the room, and it is usually a low, handsome charge. Let’s say it is $40 per night. It offers you everything you can imagine: cable, a swimming pool, WiFi, sauna, gym, and so forth. What you did not see is the “resort charge.” This fee can be a ridiculous amount of money. We can consider this fee to be $45 per night. So, you initially thought you were paying $40 per night when, in reality, the cost is $85 per night – that is quite a difference. Just be careful and do not spoil your vacation by renting a room that costs nearly twice as much as you had originally planned in Sin City.

Things to Enjoy in Sin City

Most people begin their vacation by stepping into a casino and depositing some money in a slot machine. However, once you have had your fill of gambling, there are many other things to enjoy.

Go to The Venetian and ride the gondola. If you go at night you will be impressed with all of the lights, glitz, and glamour. Also, just as the sun has set, visit the outside area of the Bellagio. There you will see spectacular waterfalls that dance along with the music. This is really an awesome sight to see in Sin City.

If you enjoy walking, take a journey down Las Vegas Boulevard. You will be impressed with all of the colors and bright lights you see. You will also enjoy the many characters walking by you dressed in clothes you cannot imagine and wearing their hair in colors and styles that only one individual could imagine. Take a turn on Fremont Street. There you can see a light show.

If you have the time, you cannot go wrong by taking a trip to the magnificent Hoover Dam. If you have won a big jackpot, you might choose to see the dam by going on a helicopter tour or a bus tour.

Oh, and do not forget there are dozens of wedding chapels where you can tie the knot – it does not take much time at all! And, if you want to untie the knot that can also be done in Sin City!

Las Vegas has something for everyone. It is well worth spending a few days there and getting to know Sin City!