A New Terrorist Group Called The Base


Terrorism is the use of violence or the threat of violence in pursuit of political, religious, ideological or social objectives and acts committed by non-state actors. It can also be committed by undercover personnel serving on behalf of their respective governments. Presently there are terrorist groups located all over the world. The three countries having the most include Iraq, Afghanistan, and India. We are mostly familiar with al Qaeda and Isis but there is a newer group that calls itself the Base.

The Origins Of The Base
The terrorist group was formed during the middle of 2018. According to an affidavit prepared by local law enforcement, the group “seeks to accelerate the downfall of the United States (US) government, incite a race war, and establish a white ethnostate.” The Base conducts drills and training to prepare the members for the “Boogaloo.” This is the name the members refer to what they see as the inevitable “collapse of the United States and subsequent race war.” In November, 2017, a group of the Base gathered in Silver Creek, GA to conduct in-person training This included firearms training, grappling, medical training, and a page ‘blot’ ritual where a goat was sacrificed. It is believed the Base is organized into regional chapters. In this way, each chapter is decentralized so that those not involved in a particular criminal act could have plausible deniability.

The Base Is Being Tracked By The FBI
The Base is presently working to recruit more members. The far-right extremist group encourages the onset of anarchy. It was founded by an American who is now living in Russia. An example of the group’s activity comes from member Richard Tobin. The young man from New Jersey was suspected of recruiting members for the Base. He advocated violence which included the killing of black people with a machete. He was arrested, by the F.B.I.

The Base Uses Encrypted Chat Rooms
In order to discuss their supremacist agenda, the Base members use encrypted chat rooms, according to the FBI. Their chats generally discuss ideas about recruitment, creating a white ethnostate, committing acts of violence against minority communities (particularly African-Americans and Jewish-Americans), their training camps, which are military-style, and techniques to make improvised explosive devices.

Three Members Of The Base Are Arrested
Luke Lane, Jacob Kaderli, and Michael Helterbrand were arrested and accused of plotting “to overthrow the government and murder a Bartow County couple,” according to police in Floyd County, GA. The police said they were plotting to commit murder. The police also said they were “allegedly involved in a white supremacist group with plans to overthrow the government.” Apparently, they also planned to kill a married couple whom they identified as having high profile roles in the far-left group Antifa. Three other members of the Base were arrested by the FBI, in Maryland. Another member of the Base, from Wisconsin, was charged in connection with the vandalism of a synagogue as a part of a nationwide series of attacks on minority-owned properties. Other arrests have been made across the US, however, the Georgia case is very important, according to the FBI, because a “training camp and leadership was based at a home” in the town of Silver Creek in Floyd County.

Since the Base was formed a years ago, they have apparently spent time building the foundation for their group while also creating their goals. With similar groups popping up all over the world it makes one wonder where we are headed. We, the People, must be more aware of these terrorist groups and be prepared for tomorrow and all the days ahead.


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