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Saudis Now Own 100% of America’s Largest Oil Refinery

Saudis Now Own America's Largest Oil Refinery The Saudis now own America's largest oil refinery. Saudi Aramco, the kingdom's state-owned oil giant, took 100% of...

Healthcare Bill Still Might Pass Before President’s First 100 Days Elapses

Healthcare Bill is Still in the Wings! Healthcare bill is still at the top of the Republicans wishlist. And, they'd like to make their wishlist...

Colorado Offers Spectacular Areas for Snow Sking

The excitement is growing in Colorado as the countdown to the 2021-22 ski season is just around the corner. Many Colorado ski resorts provide...

The Leaning Tower of San Francisco

The Leaning Tower of San Francisco The leaning tower of San Francisco, a luxury skyscraper named the Millennium Tower, was featured on the weekly news...

The Arranged Marriage is Still Going Strong

The arranged marriage brings together a man and woman unknown to each other.

Electric Skateboard, a Fun Mode of Transportation

Electric Skateboard Becoming More Popular The electric skateboard is becoming a recognized form of transportation, entertainment and sport. Some of the cheaper models can be...

Will a Robot Replace Your Job in this Decade?

By the year 2030, robots might replace one-third of the existing workforce. This means that during this decade, millions of workers in the US...

Your College Education and Future Career

You should do your homework before deciding on your college major. Also, you should study future job openings and salaries.

Rest in Peace, Old Rip

Blinky was buried in a time capsule. He supposedly survived the years and was renamed Old Rip.

Overweight Twins Become Wrestlers

The McCrary twins performed at carnivals worked as cattle branders, and became professional wrestlers.