108 Years Later the Cubs Win the Series


Chicago Cubs Win Series in Game 7

It has been 108 years since the Chicago Cubs won their last World Series Title. Last night nearly 40 million people watched the team as they beat the Cleveland Indians in the 10th inning with a score of 8-7. The game was not without all kinds of excitement including a 17-minute rain delay before the start of the 10th inning.

World Series, Game 7

Not only was there the excitement of the 108-year drought, the Cubs faced, they were also one of the few teams ever to rally having only one game under their belt as the Indians moved ahead with a 3-1 lead. The Indians, although not suffering from such a long drought, have not won the series since 1948. During the rain delay, before the start of the tenth, the Indians returned to their clubhouse. They were greeted by bottles of Champagne in preparation to celebrate their victory; however, that was not meant to be. Instead, the Champagne bottle corks started exploding in the Cubs clubhouse.

Presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton both participated in Game 7. No, they didn’t attend the game but they both had advertisements during the game. Reports say the candidates did not have to pay the going rate of $500,000 per ad.

After winning 103 games during the regular season, the most in baseball, the 38,104 people in the stands exploded with joy, as the season came to an end. The Cubs will be honored in Chicago, on Friday, which will bring some great happiness and energy during the parade.