Tim Berners-Lee a Pioneer in the World Wide Web


Tim Berners-Lee

Few people know Tim Berners-Lee, and few people know who created the World Wide Web. The former created the latter. Tim Berners-Lee was born in London, the United Kingdom, in 1955. He graduated in physics from Queen’s College, Oxford University, in 1976. He built a computer after buying an old TV he discovered in a repair shop.

World Wide Web Created

After working for about ten years for different companies developing an operating system and a hypertext-based project, he managed to link the Internet and hypertext (HTTP and HTML), thereby creating the World Wide Web on March 12, 1989. He implemented the first successful communication between client and hypertext transfer protocol. A few years later, he designed the first browser, and this was named the WorldWideWeb. Today Berners-Lee is known as the Father of the Web. The first website is still available at http://info.cern.ch; it is plain text with some hyperlinks connecting to other pages. 

  Tim Berners-Lee created the WWW

Tim Berners-Lee Honored For His Achievements

The World Wide Web and the Internet are closely related. Even so, they are not the same. The WWW is a system of distribution of interconnected hypertext documents accessible via the Internet. The second is the computer network that allows such communication. The Internet dates back to 1969. Professor Leonard Kleinrock and his team from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), sent the first message through a computer network. The WWW was not devised for another 20 years. As a result, aside from his many successes, Time Magazine named him as one of the “100 most important people of the 20th century.” This honor was due to his visionary and innovative work. 

The Parents Of Tim Berners-Lee

Not surprisingly, both of Berners-Lee’s parents were computer scientists. They were also mathematicians. They worked on one of the first computers. During his early years, Tim had a fond interest in trains. He had a railway model in his room. He even developed some electronics to control trains, which led his interest in electronics. Electronics led him to develop the WWW. He recalls that “in those days, there was different information on different computers, you had to log in to each computer to get it, and sometimes you had to learn a different program on each computer.”

He Receives A Valued Award

Berners-Lee was made an official officer of the Order of the British Empire in 1997. He became a member of the Royal Society four years late. Perhaps his greatest reward came from Queen Elizabeth II when she awarded him for his pioneering work as the rank Knight Commander. This is the most outstanding Order of the British Empire. 

Professor Tim Berners-Lee

Berners-Lee is a professor at MIT today. He also runs the WWW Consortium and has a foundation of the same name. He is dedicated to the idea that everyone should have free access to the web. 

This man must have a mighty brain. How could anyone think about such a project, let alone create it?