The Cornish Rex Cat, A New Addition to the Family?


The Cornish Rex Cat For The Family

If you are thinking about adding a cat to your family, you might consider the Cornish Rex. This cat hails from Cornwall, England. It has a unique look due to its egg-shaped head. It also has high cheekbones along with prominent ears. This breed has a Roman nose along with a strong chin, and long, slender legs. The tail is very thin and offers a high degree of flexibility. A Cornish Rex has a coat which is soft to the touch – some brag that the coat is the softest in the cat kingdom. Due to a minimal amount of hair, aside from the down hair, the cat is delicate in looks. However, it is not only quite hardy; it is also athletic. This breed loves to play, and it is also known as a goofy cat. If you are looking for an affectionate cat, this is the one for you. They love to be around people, and they love attention.

The Longevity Of The Cornish Rex Cat

This breed of cat can live a long life, particularly in comparison to other cats. Generally, they live to be 15 years old. It isn’t unusual for them to live past the age of 20. It is crucial to help them to live a long life by giving them a regular bath. This is because they have a buildup of sebaceous secretions. All cats produce this oil secretion, but this breed does not have as much hair to absorb as other cats. Some Cornish Rex needs to be given a bath once a week. Others require a bath every few months. Even so, these cats are considered low maintenance.

The Cornish Rex Cat Characteristics

These cats are extremely intelligent. They are also very social, which is partly due to their acrobatic, clownish personality. They do demand a lot of attention from people; because of this, they are known for their vocal and insistent demands. They enjoy snuggling with their favorite person as well as being under covers.

The Purchase Of A Cornish Rex Cat

It is sometimes difficult to find a Cornish Rex to add as a member to the family. When you do find one, they generally come with an expensive price tag for a kitty – but they will be well worth the expense. The cost ranges from a low of about $800 to a high of about $1,300. A pet quality Cornish Rex is less expensive than a show-quality breed.

Most likely, you will not find one of these cats aimlessly roaming the streets, lost, or find one at the humane society – these are considered “high society” cats.