Texas, a State with a Lot to Brag About



Howdy, y’all! Texas, the Lone Star State, has some interesting facts. One of these is the reality it has been ruled and owned by six different countries. These include Spain, France, Mexico, the Republic of Texas, the Confederate States of America, and the United States. In 1961 when Angus G. Wynne decided to open his first theme park, he decided on the name “Six Flags Over Texas.” He wanted to pay tribute to the fact that six different countries have owned Texas.

Texas And A Special Ranch

The King Ranch, located in South Texas, covers 1,289 square miles. This makes the land more substantial than the entire state of Rhode Island. There is also a windmill farm that is about seven times the size of Manhattan. Another tidbit, once there was a town named Clark. Located in Denton County, the Dish Network made Clark an offer they could not refuse. In 2005 the satellite TV company offered the 201 residents of Clark free basic TV service for ten years and a free digital video recorder if they renamed their town to Dish. How could anyone refuse that offer? Certainly not the folks in Dish, Texas. 

Texas Does Not Accept Littering

Texas has the saying, “Don’t mess with Texas.” Some people believe the slogan means that Texans are tough, and no one should mess with them; otherwise, you are liable to get hurt. In reality, it was invented by an advertising agency in 1985 on behalf of the Texas Department of Transportation. The true meaning was to educate the public about littering. So, the phrase means to not litter in Texas. The word “Texas” actually means “friends.”

The Size Of Texas

Many Americans do not realize the vast size of Texas. It has a land area of 268,497 square miles. You could fit the European cities of Florence, Paris, Munich, Brussels, Prague, Milan, and Amsterdam within the state. It also is home to one in every 12 Americans. This must be the reason for their saying, “everything’s bigger in Texas.” The state also has the longest-running state fair in the country. Yes, that is the State Fair of Texas, established in 1886. The fair takes place every fall. It is held in Dallas and runs for 24 days. Aside from the fried food, live music, agriculture contests, and carnival rides you will also see Big Tex. This is the gigantic statue that is the fair’s mascot. The fair also boasts the largest Ferris wheel found any place in North America.

Austin, The State Capital of Texas

Texas is also home to the world’s largest urban bat colony found in Austin. Between March and October, you can catch a glimpse of the South Congress Avenue Bridge bats. It is the largest urban colony of bats in the world. Around sunset, you can see the 1.5 million bats fly off into the night. The bats are the reason you will find their symbols and allusions throughout the city. Austin also has the most live music venues per capita in the U.S. The capital is home to more than 1,900 bands and performing artists. It offers more than 250 concert venues. Many fans travel to Austin each year to hear the concerts provided by country singer Willy Nelson.

Texas has many more interesting facts. It is, in my opinion, one of the more fascinating states to visit in our country.