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The Coronavirus Continues to Cause Havoc Across the United States

The coronavirus continues to spread across the United States spreading havoc on the citizens.

New Efforts to Fight the Coronavirus in the US

President Trump believes the chances the coronavirus will spread in the US is low and it will be gone by April.

Pardon Me, Did You Say Trump Is Handing Out Pardons?

President Trump finds mercy and offers pardons for different men in prison.

President Trump Presents His State of the Union Along with His...

President Trump presented his third State of the Union address and 31 lies and misconceptions, he spoke, have been detected.

Senators Play with Their Fidget Spinners, Read Books, and Walk Around...

Senators pass their time at the impeachment trial by playing with fidget spinners, reading, and walking around.

NO WAR!!! New Sanctions Instead – Will This Bring Cyberattacks?

It appears the threat of a US war with Iran has been averted. This is great news! Instead, President Donald Trump has said he...

Fred, the Father of Donald Trump

Fred Trump, father of President Donald Trump, was a wealthy business man who made his millions mainly in real estate.

The World Reacts to Impeachment of President Trump

President Donald Trump is the third US leader to face impeachment, has received...

Welcome Back!

After recovering from a number of medical issues it is my intent and my desire to bring this newspaper back. However, it...

Billy Bush Speaks Out to President Trump

Billy Bush Speaks "Yes, Donald Trump, You Said That" Billy Bush speaks to President, "Yes, Donald Trump, you said that." The headline, for Bush's op-ed...