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Will North Korea Conduct a Missile Test During Trump’s Asian Visit?

Will North Korea Conduct a Missile Test? Will North Korea conduct a missile test during President Trump's Asian visit? US officials fear the country will...

North Korea Declares it Now Controls Fate of US

North Korea Declares Kim Now Has Great Clout North Korea Declares Kim Jong-un now has unprecedented clout amid the current crisis. This declaration comes about...

North Korea Says Hydrogen Bomb Test was a Success

North Korea Says Hydrogen Bomb Launched   North Korea says hydrogen bomb was launched resulting in a large "earthquake." The "earthquake" was felt throughout the region...

Russia Moves People from Border of North Korea

North Korea Fires Missile Towards Japan Russia moves people from its shared 24-mile land border with North Korea. This resulted, or was triggered, by the...

Kim Jong-un Steps Up His Anti-US Message

Kim Jong-un Spreads Hatred Kim Jong-un steps up his message to his people. It has to do with hatred. It has to do with hating...