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What’s Up, Kim Jong-Un?

Why was Kim Jong-un not seen for 20 days?

Chinese Boy,16, Suffering From Cerebral Palsy, Found Dead

Yan Cheng, 16, suffering from Cerebral Palsy is found dead in China after not having any food or water.

Sinkhole Swallows Bus, Passengers, and Several Pedestrians in China

A massive sinkhole opened up, and it swallowed a large passenger bus in Xining China. Six people were killed, 16 injured, and ten others...

Rock Star Tom Petty Dead at Age 66

Rock Star Tom Petty Suffered Cardiac Arrest Rock star Tom Petty, 66, suffered cardiac arrest and died yesterday. Accounts varied throughout the day. It was...

Peyton West’s Transplanted Heart Stops Beating

Peyton West's First Day of School Peyton West, 13-year-old student, was dropped off, by his older brother, for his first day as an eighth-grader. As...