Social Media a New Platform for Suicides


Social Media, Videos and Suicide

Social Media is becoming a way for some people to end their lives. Recently a 14-year-old girl discussed her life-issues on a live streaming service. Thousands of people watched as Naika Venant took a headscarf and hung herself from a shower rod inside the home where she lived. Some people who knew the girl begged her not to end her life; however, others, some of them strangers, encouraged her to take her life.

Others Use Social Media for Their Final Act


Twelve-year-old Katelyn Nicole Davis created a 42-minute live video. In the first segment she sets a rope, on a tree, in the front yard of her home in Cedartown, GA. She said, “I’m sorry everyone. I’m really sorry…I don’t deserve to live.” ┬áThe girl ends her life and her body is seen hanging for more than 15 minutes.

Earlier this year, Jay Bowdy, the father of six children, ended his life in North Hollywood, CA. The 34-year-old aspiring actor told the viewers of his video that he was going to kill himself. Despite a call from one of his relatives, to the Los Angeles Police Department, Bowdy shot himself before police arrived and found his body in a car.

Experts say there are usually warning signs where the person talks about feeling hopeless or not having a purpose in life. The person might talk about feeling trapped or suffering from pain; being a burden to others, using an increased amount of drugs or alcohol; feeling anxious; sometimes withdrawing and feeling isolated. Sometimes a person can talk with the victim and ease their suffering. Other times professional help is needed.

If a person is at risk of suicide he or she may call the National Suicide Hotline at 1-800-273-8255. Also, a friend or relative, realizing the seriousness of the situation can also call the hotline.


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