President Trump Kicks Off His Presidential Campaign


President Trump

Rumors ran rampant. Trump supporters said more than a million people had requested tickets for his presidential rally in Tulsa, OK, last Saturday. His supporters promised others could still attend an outside event – an “overflow” gathering since the 20,000 seats inside the BOK arena were all reserved. President Trump and Vice-President Mike Pence would address the overflow crowd before entering the arena for the main event. The overflow could accommodate another 40,000 people.

President Trump Sees Many Empty Bleachers

The scene was embarrassing. The empty bleachers, along with a speech that was unsuccessful in attempting to reignite Trump’s supporters. Perhaps with Oklahoma seeing a rise in the number of coronavirus cases, the people of the state did not want to meet at an indoor gathering. This may be the best possible way to spread the illness. However, the president indicated he does not value the health of his supporters enough to follow the advice of health experts. He had been urged to postpone the rally, but he repeatedly refused. Before the rally, President Trump learned that six members of his advance team had tested positive for the coronavirus. His speech was very familiar. He brought up the old promises. He offered boring attacks along with outrageous statements. His speech was full of the usual racist innuendo. He called COVID-19 the racist term, “Kung Flu.” He claimed that if Joe Biden and the Democrats are elected, “our country will be destroyed.” One of the most bizarre statements was when he said the coronavirus numbers are climbing because there’s more testing. Then he said, “I said to my people, slow the testing down, please.” Experts say that testing saves lives. Slowing the testing leads to more deaths. Naturally, as usual, the White House claimed he was joking. Four years ago, his words energized his crowds. It was not like that in Tulsa. Everyone has heard it all before. The rally was a flop. Most likely, Trump knows it, although he will never admit it.

Only 6,200 Attend to Hear President Trump

Shortly before the rally was to start, a crew of BOK workers was seen dismantling the stage. Why? Well, the overflow event had been canceled. Inside there were thousands of empty seats. The Tulsa Fire Department said there was 6,200 in attendance when President Trump said that the 20,000 seats would be filled. When he walked in, his face must have turned red from embarrassment. However, his team would most likely work on finding the culprit to blame for poor attendance. According to Fox News (the TV company that is a huge supporter of Trump), veteran anchor, Chris Wallace interviewed Trump campaign adviser Mercedes Schlapp, said, “He didn’t fill an arena last night.” Schlapp blamed it on protestors blocking entrances and metal detectors for preventing people from entering the rally. Wallace calmly told her that protesters did not stop people from attending the rally. Wallace explained to Mercedes, “Frankly, it makes you guys look silly when you deny the reality of what happened.”

President Trump to Visit Arizona

So now Trump will head to Arizona on Tuesday. His visit is to commemorate the completion of 200 miles of the wall. However, the actual number of completed miles is debatable. On December 17, 2019, acting Commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection Mark Morgan stated that 93 miles of barriers were built during the Trump administration; according to CBP figures, at least 90 miles of that replaced existing structures. The pricetag for President Trump’s border wall has topped $11 billion — or nearly $20 million a mile. (Oh, but didn’t the president tell the American people that Mexico will pay for the entire cost of the wall?). This runs along America’s southern border with Mexico. This will be his second visit in the state as it has emerged as a critical battleground state ahead of the November 3 general election. Arizona presently sees the coronavirus nearly doubled in cases during the last two weeks. On June 7, the state reported 26,989 cases; yesterday, the statewide total was 52,390.

Many Issues Stand in Front of President Trump

Trump is presently facing the worst public health crisis in a century. He is dealing with the highest unemployment rate since World War ll. The president is seeing the most massive sustained protests in decades (remember the Viet Nam war). He is also losing in the Supreme Court. His poll numbers are taking a nosedive. Trump is not out, but he is down in the 9th round.

As an American, all I want from the president is the truth. If he would be honest and open instead of lying and deceiving – so we can believe what he says and trust him, things might turn around for the president.