Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day Dec 7


Pearl Harbor Day – 75th Commemoration

usflagPearl Harbor Remembrance Day Dec 7, is the 75th Commemoration in the United States, remembers those who died or were injured when Pearl Harbor, in Hawaii, was attacked on this day in 1941. It was a Sunday morning when the American Army and Navy base in Pearl Harbor was attacked by the Imperial Japanese Navy. It was a total surprise attack which lead to great losses of life and equipment. More than 2000 American citizens were killed. An additional 1000 Americans were injured. The Americans also lost a number of battle ships along with nearly 2000 aircraft. The Japanese also had losses: more than 60 servicemen were killed, injured or captured. They also lost five midget submarines and 29 aircraft.

The Japanese military planned the attack in hopes of preventing the United States from increasing influence in the Pacific. However, it had much more severe consequences: it caused the escalation of World War ll. It was at this time that President Franklin Roosevelt gave his famous speech referring to the attack as “a date which will live in infamy.” Soon after, Germany declared war on the U.S.

The day, also known as Pearl Harbor Day, at the direction of the President, suggests that flags should be displayed on homes, at the White House and all U.S. government buildings flying the flag at half-mast. This is a symbol to honor those who died in the attack on that day.



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