Parachutist Ivan McGuire


Parachutist Ivan McGuire

Ivan McGuire, from North Carolina, had jumped from a plane more than 800 times. He was considered an experienced jumper. However, one day, a few years back, he was preparing for his final dive. He loaded a video camera pack to film his jump to the ground.

Parachutist Ivan McGuire

McGuire was known as a successful jumper. However, on this given day, he forgot one thing, a crucial thing – his parachute. Of course, the jump killed the man. Capt. Ralph Brown, a Franklin County Sheriff, said there was no foul play and no indication of suicide. The video shows McGuire jumping from the plane without any problems. The victim began his plunge toward the ground at 150 mph.

Filming Student And Instructor

McGuire was filming a student and an instructor. McGuire’s camera shows the two jumping and freefalling above McGuire. Their jump was successful, and they both opened their parachute and began moving toward the ground. Brown said it appeared that McGuire was reaching for his parachute when he realized he didn’t have one. Apparently, McGuire experienced some panic, when realizing he wasn’t wearing his parachute as there were several seconds of jerky motion. The tape shows McGuire is approaching the ground. Suddenly the pictures move very fast as he is nearing the ground.

Parachutist Ivan McGuire Is Found In The Woods

Searchers discovered his body, in the woods, about 1 1/2 miles from the airfield. Footage of his landing was destroyed on impact. Blood samples were taken to determine if he had alcohol or drugs in his system. Observers believe that the expert jumper could have forgotten to put on his parachute due to fatigue or preoccupation with his video equipment. 

Federal Aviation Administration Investigation

Walter L. Riggsbee, an FAA investigator, said he was checking to see if the pilot knew whether McGuire was wearing a parachute upon entrance to the plane. This is an FAA regulation requirement. According to Sheriff Arthur Johnson, the pilot thought McGuire was wearing a parachute.

Parachutist Ivan McGuire Makes Third Jump

McGuire made three jumps on that fatal day. The first jump he also videotaped the leap of a student and instructor. The second jump he forgot to put on his parachute, and another parachutist brought it to his attention before McGuire got on the plane. McGuire repeated the same mistake on the third jump, but no one noticed, and he boarded the plane without his parachute. Rigsbee said the videotaping might have caused McGuire confusion. He stated, “The harness McGuire wore for the video equipment is similar to that of a parachute. It has the same feel.”

This would have been one time a person would know their death was imminent. What a terrible way to go.