What’s Up, Kim Jong-Un?


Kim Jong-Un

Although North Korea’s Kim Jong-un allegedly had heart surgery recently, it has not been proven. He was recently seen in public, so some people believe he is still alive. For several days it was believed that he did not survive the “surgery.” After not being seen for 20 days, he cut the ribbon at the opening of a fertilizer factory. Today, like in times before, his missing remains a mystery. There is even speculation of conspiracy theories. Before the speculation that he had surgery, people were saying he was ill. Then they said he was recuperating after a complicated surgery. Others commented that he was on his deathbed. It was reported that people thought he was dead. Then people reported Kim was alive. Now there is a new rumor – or is it a rumor?

Reappearing May 2, He Looked Healthy

Supposedly all rumors were to be put to rest when he attended the public event on May 2. He appeared looking quite healthy. However, the new report is that the leader is probably using a body double. They say this would compensate for his ailing health. The conspiracy theorists believe he is using a body double like other dictators have done before, such as Adolph Hitler and Saddam Hussain. 


Pictures Suggest The Possibility Of A Doppelganger

Some people, particularly Twitter users, have been analyzing photos from Kim’s latest appearance compared to older photos. Particular emphasis has been placed on his teeth. Others are looking at his ears to determine if a body double has been used. Former British Parliament member Louise Mensch is convinced that his teeth look very different from those in previous pictures. People point out that his original photos show his front teeth are not in perfect formation, and one front tooth is not straight; however, if it is a body double, that picture is showing nearly perfect formed teeth in the uppers and lowers. It also appears that the “body double” picture does not have the heavy roll of fat under his chin. His eyes tend to be more open in the body double picture. Others believe that the North Korean leader underwent plastic surgery – that would certainly explain everything.

It will be interesting, in the coming days and weeks, to determine if Kim Jong-un is dead, alive, using a body double, or flaunting his new face after plastic surgery.A