Facebook Killer Ends His Own Life


Steve Stephens Found Dead in Car

Facebook Killer Steve Stephens has been found dead in a car after a short chase by the PA police. There was a nationwide manhunt for Stephens after he posted a video of a murder to Facebook. His body was found in a vehicle in Erie, PA, according to police. He had been spotted just before 11:30 am today, nearly 48 hours after he allegedly killed a senior citizen on Easter Sunday. After a brief police pursuit police said that Stephens shot and killed himself.

Facebook Killer Posted Video Showing Murder of an Elderly Man


On Easter Sunday Stephens posted a video to Facebook. It allegedly showed him murdering 74-year-old Robert Godwin early in the afternoon as Godwin was walking home from a family visit.

Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams said that he is grateful the manhunt has ended. He said he would have preferred that the suspect would have been captured alive. Williams stated, “This started with one tragedy, and ended with another person taking their own life. Loss of life is a loss of life.”

Godwin, 74, was approached by Stephens who pulled out a camera phone followed by a gun. He murdered Godwin for no apparent reason. It is believed that Stephens targeted Godwin at random. In the video Stephens asked Godwin if he knew a certain woman. Godwin’s puzzled look over the question quickly turned to fear as he apparently realized Stephens was holding a gun. Moments later Godwin was dead.

Godwin was the father of nine children and 14 grand-children. He spent his holiday weekend fishing, visiting his children, and enjoying his favorite hobby: walking the Cleveland streets with a shopping bag looking for the aluminum cans he collected.

Before leaving the house to return home Godwin’s son said, “He hugged my wife and me and said, “I’ll see you guys never time.” He concluded, “I said, ‘OK, enjoy your Easter.'”