Eggs, Eggs, Eggs, and More Eggs


Today is National Egg Day

Don’t “crack-up” over this, but today is National Egg Day. If you want to “shell out” a few bucks, you can enjoy a great breakfast. Every year on this date, the National Egg Day is celebrated in the U.S. Are you surprised you’ve never heard of it? Remember a few years back when the egg received a bad rap for being high in cholesterol? Well, that’s all changed as the egg is now recognized due to the importance of this protein-rich food. In fact, the egg is now considered as one of the healthiest foods around the world. Another benefit, eggs are cheap.

Enjoy An Egg At Anytime

You do not need to stick to breakfast to enjoy your eggs. You can have eggs at any time of day and for any meal. Their number of nutritions is infinite. They provide us with ample proteins along with the energy needed for our bodies to survive throughout the day. Imagine, one egg supplies 6 percent of Vitamin A and 6.3 grams of protein, and it is just 75 calories. If you are tired of frying your egg, making an omelet, or scrambling some eggs, don’t fret – you can go to the internet and discover dozens and dozens of egg recipes. 

Ways To Celebrate This Special Day

Since many of us are staying at home, waiting for the coronavirus to lift, this is a great time to enjoy some egg activities with your family. You might introduce your loved ones to other types of eggs. You can fry up a duck egg, or a huge emu egg. If you eat an ostrich egg, you will be consuming what is equal to about 24 chicken eggs. Your children will enjoy choosing a non-traditional recipe to see how other cultures enjoy their eggs. For example, the French “omelet au boudin de Nancy,” will create some considerable interest. Another, from Japan, is the oyakodon.

Eggs Are A “Brainy” Food

Aside from their nutritional value, eggs also have a positive effect on brain development and memory enhancement. When your young adult is facing a serious test at school, whenever students return, instead of offering them a sugary breakfast cereal, serve them eggs instead. It just might make a difference in their grade.

Although some people despise eggs, they are a delicious food which can be used in many different types of recipes.