The Five Deadliest Animals that Kill Humans



Do you know the five world’s deadliest animals according to the number of humans they kill each year? Number five on the list is difficult to believe. You might think it is sharks or alligators, but the answer is freshwater snails. Each year they cause about 20,000 deaths to humans. It is mostly due to the parasitic worms they carry that can give people a disease called schistosomiasis. The deaths are mostly found in Africa, Asia, and South America. Millions of people contract the larval worms of the parasite that penetrate the skin after victims come into contact in the infested water.

Deadliest Animals, Number Four

Sadly, although people say they are our best friend, the dog is number four. It is difficult to believe they kill about 440,000 humans every year. However, many of these deaths could be prevented if the dog’s owner had provided shots for rabies. Most of the human deaths are caused by dogs suffering from the disease. Dogs rank as one of the deadliest animals.

Deadliest Animals Number Three

About 100,00 deaths per year, to humans, are caused by snakes. The actual number of deaths is probably much higher than 100,000. It is because reliable data from all countries with deadly reptiles is not easy to obtain. Even so, that is a large number of deaths at which to look.

Deadliest Animals Number Two

This one is remarkable! It is estimated that 440,000 deaths occur each year by other humans. There is a saying, “We are our own worst enemy.” It seems like this is undoubtedly true in the case of murders. What makes this even worse is that you are most likely to be murdered by someone you know.

Deadliest Animals Number One

This might be somewhat of a surprise. The biggest killer, the deadliest animal, killing about 750,000 people every year, is the tiny mosquito! It is because they spread diseases quickly and easily. They have a fatal bite. This bite can lead to malaria, dengue fever, and yellow fever. When considering malaria, it is responsible for more than half of mosquito-related deaths.

Other Deadliest Killers

It is easy to think that other animals are responsible for killing large numbers of humans. For example, it seems like a shark would be on the list. However, they kill about six people per year. Elephants might also be considered, but their kill is about 500 per year. Hippos? They kill about 500 per year. So, things are not always as they seem. The tiny mosquito is responsible for more deaths than all of those huge animals.

Even so, I do not want to risk being eaten by a shark or trampled by an elephant or a hippo.