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Watch Out, Here Comes the Winter Vomiting Bug

Stay Away from the Bug! Seeing Christmas lights and ornaments in department stores is a sure sign that winter is quickly approaching. Winter is a...

Ottawa Fertility Doctor Said to be Impregnating His Patients

Dr. Norman Barwin - Has He Crossed the Line? A possible class-action lawsuit was filed Tuesday against Dr. Norman Barwin. The doctor worked at the...

Hot Air Balloon Leads to Death

British Woman Killed in Hot Air Balloon as Husband and Sons Watch in Horror While on vacation with her husband John, and their two sons,...

Bonfire Night in London

London on Fire November is a special time in London. It is the time of year the city enjoys bonfires roaring throughout the city. Bonfire...

Canada is Taking a Strong Look at the Weed

Canada is Considering the Legalization of Pot A recent study by the Canadian Deloitte firm, estimates the legalization of recreational marijuana could add an additional...

New Girlfriend for Prince Harry?

Is Prince Harry Dating a Beautiful Actress? Rumors are flying in Great Britain that Prince Harry has a new girlfriend. However, the rumors emphasize that...