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Tiny Tim, His Ukulele, and Miss Vicky

Tiny Tim became best known for his falsetto voice, his ukulele, and Miss Vicky.

Trivia About Some Celebrities

Things you might not have known about a few celebrities.

Archie Williams – From Prison to Singing on Stage

Archie Williams proved that he can sing, on America's Got Talent, after spending 37 years in prison for acts he did not commit.

Top Salaries of Men Athletes

Men's sports are paying huge salaries that will continue to rise.

The Amish People Live a Simple Life

The Amish people still use mules and horses for their work and their buggies.

If You Go to Monowa, Nebraska, Stop By Elsie Eller’s Tavern

Monowi, Nebraska, population 1, governed by Elsie Eller.

Changes in Travel Due to the Coronavirus

Hotels and Airlines are reducing their fees due to the coronavirus.

Other Groups, Aside From the Jewish People, Hitler and the Nazis Attacked

Priest, Jehovah Witnesses, Twins, and many other groups were killed at the hands of Hitler and the Nazis.

Homosexuals Were Also Targeted by the Nazis

The Nazis wanted homosexuals eliminated from society.

Hitler Kills More Than One Specific Group of People

Five million others were killed aside from the Jewish people.