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Today is World Down Syndrome Day

World Down Syndrome Day is celebrated today although most activities have been canceled due to the coronavirus.

The Coronavirus has Infected More Than 10,000 People in the U.S.

The coronavirus continues to spread throughout the world. It has already infected more than 10,000 people in the U.S.C

You Need Millions of Dollars to Purchase this Car

This Bugatti Atlantic has a price tag higher than any other car every built.

Niagara Falls Offers Spectacular Beauty

Niagara Falls has many visitors and honeymooners each year.

Exercise is Also Good for Your Hearing

Exercise is not just good for maintaining your body it is also good for maintaining your hearing.

Young Woman Deals with a Horrible Facial Disfigurement

Young woman from India has lived her entire life with major facial deformity.

She Visits Her Husband, Who Has the Coronavirus, from Outside His Room

Gene and Dorothy Campbell have been married for 60 years and he now suffers from coronavirus.

Coronavirus is Beginning to Spread in the U.S.

COVID-19 is spreading across the world and has not infected hundreds of people in the U.S.

The Most Expensive House in the World

This home is owned by Asia's richest man, Mukesh Ambani, and is home to six people.

COVID-19 is Causing Deaths Elsewhere, Besides China

The coronavirus, also known as COVID-19 has spread to thousands of new cases and killed many more people.