Animal Facts – How Many do You Know?


Animal Facts

There are many animal facts we are not familiar with – so, we are going to explore some of these. One of these animal facts is about cows. It is known that cows do have best friends. It might be Betsy, or it might be Clyde, and, when they are separated, the cow becomes stressed. The sweet little animals, known as pandas, do not have any particular sleeping spot. They fall asleep if they are tired, wherever they may be.

Animal Facts About Other FriendsĀ 

More animal facts – here is a fantastic fact about sheep. When they have an illness, they are known to self-medicate. They do this by eating specific plants that can cure them. And there is quite a tale about a tiger. Their legs are so sturdy that they can remain standing even after they have died. Have you ever heard how a male penguin finds a mate? He offers a pebble to her. If she accepts the pebble, they become partners. Another animal facts are that some penguins do not build nests; instead, they carry their eggs on their feet. If you have a happy dog s/he wags his/her tail to the right. If your dog is sad, s/he wags his/her tail to the left. A rabbit has an amazing vision. They have a 360-degree panoramic vision. This allows the rabbit to detect a predator from any direction.

Animal Facts Continue

Some other amazing facts concern the fox. A newborn cub weighs about 100 grams. They are born both blind, deaf, and they cannot walk. Their mother stays with them while the father goes out to find food to bring back for her to eat. Female lions, sisters live together throughout life. Their female cubs also remain with the pride – even after they are grown. Male cubs must venture out on their own once they reach maturity. Zebras are capable of communicating with each other. If their ears are flat back, it indicates the zebra is annoyed, uncomfortable, or angry. In India, monkeys are worshipped. They are believed to represent the God Hanuman. Elephants cannot jump. They are not, as some people say, dumb, and they do forget – even though they have the largest brain (about 11 pounds worth). If you are a fan of crocodiles, you might be interested to know the largest ever found was 20.24 feet long. No wonder it has such a large appetite. And, no wonder it enjoys eating turtles, fish, birds, even giraffes, buffalo, and lions. If you were to guess, how long would you think a snail can sleep? Well, it’s much longer than you and I – a snail can sleep for three years. If you have ever thought about hypnotizing a frog, there is a way. You need to place the frog on its back and gently stroke its stomach. It’s also known that frogs cannot vomit. If they are forced to, then they will vomit their entire stomach. Since bats have been in the news a lot since the beginning of the coronavirus, you might be interested in knowing that when they leave their cave, they always turn left. Interestingly, an ostrich’s eye is bigger than its brain. Last but not least, if you have plans to visit Australia, you might want to know that kangaroos cannot fart.

Well, I’m sure happy to know that about kangaroos – even though it is something I’ve never wondered about!


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